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Rebeca's Testimony
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Rebeca is a senior at Quanah High School and the newest member of Voices For God. She is the daughter of one of our other members, Olma. After traveling with us everywhere we went and talking with the Lord about her future, she asked Cindy if she could join the group. Soon she was one of the "ladies". She may be the youngest but don't let that fool you, she is in love with the Lord and doesn't mind telling you. For someone that is only 17 years old, she is also quite wise. She plays the piano, though we haven't had the opportunity to incorporate it in the services, hopefully we will soon.

Beca's plans for the future are to go where the Lord sends her and to do His will.

In July of 2007, at the Central CGMA Convention in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Beca was honored with the 2007 Silver Heart Award for Teenage Performer of the Year. 


Pastor John Spangler
Trinity Baptist Church 
1007 McClelland 
 Quanah, Texas 
 Cindy Snider, Music Director -  Nancy Stewart, Food Pantry Coordinator