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Ricky's Testimony

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When I was nine years old, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was baptized and joined First Baptist Church. For several years I attended church by myself. I tried to get my parents involved, but to my dissatisfaction neither was interested. I buried myself in the Lord trying to learn as much as I could about Him. I was involved in Royal Ambassadors with my current pastor and his dad (our former pastor). Kind of funny how it all works out.

After a few years my mom started going to church with me, but my dad would have no part of it. When I was around thirteen we got a new pastor and I asked him to come by and visit with my dad, he did. Less than a year later my dad accepted the Lord as his Savior. That was a wonderful moment in my life. However, it was short lived because, not to long after that, my dad went home to be with Jesus  You have to understand I was a 'daddy’s boy' and this only added to my pain. 

Here I was, without my earthly hero, heading into high school. I drifted away from the Lord for a long time after my dad’s death. I could not understand why the Lord took him away from me. I began a downward spiral into alcoholism. Throughout high school and my young adult years I tried to drown my sorrows. I abandoned the Lord and my family thinking that the bottle I was carrying around would make everything better.

On April 12, 1997 I married my wife. I thought that would fix my problems, and it did for a while. Eventually the bottle came creeping back. With the support of my family I went back to church and started walking with the Lord.

About a year ago, I joined Trinity Baptist Church. I kept hearing people at church talking about being healed from painful memories and being set free. I was confused. I asked the Lord what all this was about and believe me He started showing me things I had totally blocked out of my memory.

With the help of my wife, my church family, and Through It all Ministries I am on the road to true healing. Believe me it is not an overnight success story but by the GRACE of GOD someday I will be totally healed. This is what the Lord wants for all of us. I encourage everyone to seek the healing that the Lord has for you!!!!

Pastor John Spangler
Trinity Baptist Church 
1007 McClelland 
 Quanah, Texas 
 Cindy Snider, Music Director -  Nancy Stewart, Food Pantry Coordinator