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I was an abused child. My earliest memory of abuse was at the age of 5. I was abused by a family member and a friend of our family. I have spent my whole life feeling shameful and worthless. I never thought I was good enough, smart enough, loved enough.

I got married at the age of 19. My husband liked to drink. He was always gone; either working or drinking with his friends. That added to my insecurities. I felt as if my husband didn’t care enough to want to be around me. I couldn’t see that I was actually driving him away because I couldn’t stand to be touched. I wasn’t happy and neither was my husband. I never left my husband because I didn’t think I deserved to be happy. I always thought that the abuse was somehow my fault.

I was a Christian & had been told that Jesus Christ had forgiven my sins, but having that ‘head knowledge’ didn’t make me feel forgiven. I certainly had not forgiven myself.

We had 2 sons when my husband became a Christian in 1983. We had another son in 1985. After my husband accepted Christ, our family started attending church and our lives started changing. My husband became a pastor, but my self-esteem was still very low.

Over the last several years, through counseling, I have come to see that Jesus truly does love me & always has. When I thought I was all alone, He has shown me that He was right there with me. Through It All Ministries has helped me learn that I am not that abused little girl anymore that God has a plan for me and I need to be willing to listen to His Holy Spirit and follow where He leads me.

I have 3 wonderful sons and daughters-in-law and eight beautiful and healthy grandchildren. I have a loving, caring, and compassionate husband. Best of all, I have a Savior who is in the process of healing many wounds from my past. My Jesus has walked every step of my life with me and I know that He will walk with me until that time He calls me home.

I am proud to be a part of the Through It All Ministries and a part of the country gospel group Voices For God. I love singing praises to God and I love singing with the ladies in our group. It is so wonderful how our Savior knows just what we need and if we are willing to listen to see where He is leading us. I thank God for the ministry that He has given the Voices For God. We have a blast and we get to sing praises to God and hopefully witness to the hurting people who need to hear about God’s Love.

Isn’t God good?!!

Pastor John Spangler
Trinity Baptist Church 
1007 McClelland 
 Quanah, Texas 
 Cindy Snider, Music Director -  Nancy Stewart, Food Pantry Coordinator